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Estate Planning (Wills)

Estate planning is the process of preparing for the management of an individual’s financial situation in the event of their incapacitation or death. It involves arranging how assets will be divided after death and can include choosing an executor, deciding who will receive possessions, and leaving instructions for managing care and assets. Estate planning typically involves professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners, life insurance advisors, bankers, and brokers.

Our firm specializes in providing a unique will drafting experience. We start with a financial breakdown, where we provide a picture of the overall value of your estate. From there, we make decisions on the best way to draft any of your estate planning documents: Wills; Power of Attorney for Personal Care; Continuing Power of Attorney for Property; and Trusts.

At Campbell Law, the options for effective estate planning are endless.

Estate Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Guardianship Applications
And so much more...

Estate Administration

Estate administration in Canada refers to the process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets, including money, property, and personal possessions. This process is typically overseen by an executor who is responsible for carrying out the wishes outlined in the deceased person’s will. The executor may need to work with tax lawyers or accountants to ensure that all taxes are paid and that any foreign assets or beneficiaries are properly accounted for. Cross-border estate administration between Canada and the US can also be complex. Probate is a legal validation process that confirms the validity of a will through a court of law.

Estate Trustee services
Applications for Probate
Passing of Accounts
Survivorship Applications
And so much more…

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is a legal process that involves resolving disputes related to the distribution of assets and property after someone has died. It can occur when there is no will, when a family member challenges the will, or when there are disagreements among beneficiaries. Common causes of estate litigation include disputes over the validity of a will, allegations of undue influence or fraud, and disagreements over asset distribution. The process typically involves multiple stages, including pre-litigation negotiations, discovery, motion practice, trial preparation, trial, and appeals. Estate litigation is relatively rare in estate planning cases but can be complex and emotionally charged when it does occur

Despite approaching disputes from a lens for dispute resolution, Campbell Law is driven to find a solution that is the best option for your legal issue.

Other practices

Real Estate

Campbell Law is able to assist in commercial and residential lease agreements to provide preventative protection that many boiler-plate agreements do not provide. We are also regularly requested to assist in disputes between landlords and tenants.

Business Services

Campbell Law is able to incorporate your business at a flat fee. Our clients are able to benefit from preferred pricing for brand and logo creation through our association with Perfect Blend Incorporated. Click here to start your business journey today!

Notary Services

A notary public can act as an official witness to the execution or signing of contracts and agreements. They can also sign and seal documents, and prepare a separate certificate to attach to the document. Originals or photocopies of documents can be notarized and authenticated by Global Affairs Canada.


Mediation is a dispute resolution process where an impartial third party helps parties negotiate and develop mutually acceptable solutions. It is often appropriate when relationships are strained but must continue, and poor communication is apparent. There are different types of mediation that can be effective alternatives to court battles. Mediation has many advantages including saving time which allows parties to focus on their businesses and lives. Mediation offers the benefit of negotiation in that the parties control the final outcome, making it a good option for those who want to avoid court battles.

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