How Much Do You Value Your Legacy?

A will provides a voice beyond the grave. It ensures you protect your labour and those who matter most in the process. Usually, whenever you survey the internet, there are multiple businesses that offer alternatives to legal assistance for drafting your will. However, these services do not account for the uniqueness of family circumstances or provide tax efficient methods for distributing your estate.
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Everybody Needs a Will

New parents, whether married or unmarried, need a will to adequately protect the interests of their new children. Regardless of the longevity of the relationship.

New couples need a will to ensure their interests are protected when the relationship is successful or if the relationship provides perspective for the future.

New business owners need a will to protect the interests of their corporation and ensure it is sustainable after the business owner’s death, or dissolves in a manner that is in the best interest of their estate.

A will provides a voice beyond the grave, it ensures you protect your labour and those who matter most in the process.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes will drafting, but it is specialized to you. At Campbell Law, we offer simple will drafting, but we specialize in offering estate planning services to all of our clients.

Estate planning accounts for the most unique of circumstances, whether you have a loved one who isn’t great with money but you want them cared for… or beneficiaries whose abilities have changed over time and they require extra protection or assistance… The Estate Planning experience is one where real-life scenarios are considered and accounted for when drafting the will.

The Most Important Element

The most important element in estate planning and will drafting is capacity. A person must be deemed under the law to have the mental capacity to understand the nature and consequences of their decisions, as well as the ability to appreciate the potential impact of their choices. Capacity is generally determined by a qualified professional who can assess the individual’s understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of estate planning. This can include an evaluation of a person’s understanding of their assets, liabilities, and their ability to make decisions about them. Additionally, a person’s capacity may be evaluated through interviews and/or tests that assess their cognitive abilities, memory, and judgment. It is important to note that capacity can vary depending on circumstances, so it is important for individuals to be regularly assessed if there are any changes in their mental health or wellbeing.



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