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Practice Areas

Estate Planning (Wills)

Estate planning is the process of preparing for the management of an individual’s financial situation in the event of their incapacitation or death. It involves arranging how assets will be divided after death and can include choosing an executor, deciding who will receive possessions, and leaving instructions for managing care and assets…

Estate Administration

Estate administration in Canada refers to the process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets, including money, property, and personal possessions. This process is typically overseen by an executor who is responsible for carrying out the wishes outlined in the deceased person’s will…

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is a legal process that involves resolving disputes related to the distribution of assets and property after someone has died. It can occur when there is no will, when a family member challenges the will, or when there are disagreements among beneficiaries…


Charles M. Campbell

Managing Lawyer

Campbell Law is focused on being present when clients need legal advice the most. After loosing my grandmother, I focused on how myself and many other people interpret life-altering circumstances. Who do we call when we get a life altering diagnosis? Who do we connect with when someone we love suddenly dies? How do we ensure our wishes are fulfilled when we are gone?

These are all questions that I had and Campbell Law is prepared to answer. At our firm, we are driven to offer support and advice when you need it the most.

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